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Bob Carty Concert at Sullivan Home

Posted by e4jwaterloo on March 30, 2009

from Paul Tratnyek:

Thanks to Sheila and Dwyer for hosting a great house concert today with Bob Carty. His songs really touch the depth of what it means to be called to live in and view the world as people of justice. Bob has done some incredible documentaries on CBC radio and mentioned he hoped to be returning in May. Given the recent announcement that CBC is planning to lay off 800 employees, I would encourage everyone to petition the federal government to provide financing to sustain the CBC during a time when it is most needed. Click on to the following link to sign a national petition and please spread the word.


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Next Meeting: April 2

Posted by e4jwaterloo on March 10, 2009

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Minutes: March 5, 2009

Posted by e4jwaterloo on March 10, 2009

Note a couple of tasks 

1) Submit to Bruce any possible financial requests for the 2009-2010 Board Budget 

2) Invite key students to attend Camp Micah

3) Start inviting about 10 students for the Socail Action confernece, april 25/26

4) Add announcements to the E4J website through Jim McLaughlin or andy Macpherson

5) Invite a friend to an ejoyable house party with justice music, March 29 (Sunday) 2-4.

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Maude Barlow and Sid Ryan Speaking

Posted by e4jwaterloo on January 15, 2009

First United Church, 16 William St west, Waterloo,
Thursday, Jan 22 at 7 PM for a free event with Maude Barlow (SeniorAdvisor to the President of the UN General Assembly and National chairperson of the Council of Canadinas) and Sid Ryan, (CUPE Ontario president).

It’s time to get the facts, kick the bottle and tap into clean, safe
public drinking water.  Come out and learn how to take action in your

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Minutes from January 8th

Posted by e4jwaterloo on January 15, 2009

Present: Dick Anstett, Kimberlee Trakalok , Bruce Rodrigues, Brian Milette,  Sheila Sullivan, Jen Riley, Amy Rockel, Melissa Patterson, Jane Lacalamita, Denise Lowe and children, Sue Sawchuk, Susan Frantcke and child, J.P. Morris, Jim McLaughlin, , Maureen Kienapple, Dwyer Sullivan (scribe)

Regrets: Andy Macpherson, Ed Wyse, Susan Barrett, Annabel Macdonald, Paul Tratnyek.

Intro: Welcome to all, thanks again to Bruce for hosting.

Prayer:  Maureen read a Prayer from Blessings and Prayers for Home and Family (CCCB) for the Beginning of a new school year (p. 109)  Following is a short excerpt;

“Expand the horizons of our minds that we may grow in wisdom, understanding and knowledge;

Deepen our commitment to seek the truth of your ways, enliven our faith to reach out to the needy.”


  • Kimberlee: the Walk for Bridges
  • Brian: the Rez Outreach program
  • Jen and Amy: Awareness Wednesdays at St. Daniel
  • Melissa: St. Mary’s ping pong drop to raise money for St. John’s Kitchen and their school wide focus on anti-violence (looking for appropriate local speakers)
  • Jane and Denise: combined effort between Grade 3’s and Grade 12’s to eliminate the use of plastic one-use water bottles
  • Susan: Rez focus on social Justice in April and looking for ideas
  • Dwyer: Jan 14th workshop on Human trafficking in Waterdown coordinated by Donna Mckay
  • Dwyer: book by Jim Wallis, The Great Awakening: Seven Ways to Change the World and a book by Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope and the article today in The Kitchener Record by Omar Ramahi There’s no justification for Israel’s actions

(Apologies for any actions I overlooked, due to lost notes and my memory’s unreliability)

Short Break –  Pizza and sharing.


1.      Website for Educators for Justice: Several had perused it and saw it as helpful.  At present it is a secure site in that only Jim McLaughlin and Andy Macpherson can add to it, but we can all access it.  Jim questioned the responsibility laid on him as editor of what goes on.  Dick questioned the complexity of access and Bruce agreed to bring his laptop next meeting and we could observe  together how it works.  All asked to consider how best to use it.

2.      Dominican Republic Experience:  Bruce reaffirmed the Board’s commitment to reinitiate this valuable experience, but due to lack of funding commitment for this spring, the Experience has been postponed til Nov 2009. He explained briefly about the 2 Foundations that help support Board initiatives: the Catholic Schools Foundation and the Waterloo Region Catholic Education Foundation. Each of them are in the process of reviewing their criteria for funding. The encouraging expectation is that funding will be provided for 4 students from each school and 4 teachers  each year – with one returning each year for continuity.

3.      Camp Micah: Leadership for Peace and Justice: This ecumenical leadership Camp is scheduled for Aug 24-29, 2009 and the expectation is that each of the 5 Catholic High Schools will be able to recruit and support 5 participants who are already involved in justice initiatives and will contribute to and benefit from their summer experience to help in the coming school year.

A number of Board teachers are involved with the Camp and Bruce reaffirmed his commitment to find funding to help subsidize the $400/participant cost.

4.       Walk Against Male Violence, May 12, 2009:  Dwyer distributed handouts outlining the History and rationale for the Walk, as well as details regarding the needed meetings on Feb 15 and April 9th at Rockway Mennonite HS.

5.      OVERNIGHT FOR STUDENTS TO SHARE JUSTICE IDEAS AND BE IN SOLIDARITY: Kimberlee is calling a meeting this month to brainstorm ideas among those interested.

6.      OECTA ½ DAY ON Feb 27th:  Ed Wyse has asked for ideas for workshops and movies for the afternoon of the Feb 27th.  Ideas a) Jen and Amy on justice ideas for Elementary Teachers , b) Jane and Denise on water and water bottles  C) 1 ½ hour documentary on John Deer SJ on Gospel Non-violence, The Narrow Path, d) Sheila on Palestine, e) Dick and Dwyer on Palestine and SOA at Doyle f) other films suggested were: Amar, The Visitor, The End of Suburbia, Good Morning  Kandahar, Who Killed the Electric Car, Wal-Mart.


Tasks: 1) PD ideas for Feb 27th  (contact Ed Wyse at Doyle)

           2) Check out the E4J Website ( and share your comments 

           3) Find a rep for your school for the Feb 15th meeting on the Walk Against Male Violence

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Agenda for Jan 8

Posted by e4jwaterloo on January 6, 2009

Board Office 4:15  – 5:30

a) What’s up for each of us and or what we know of in particular schools, and

b) What is possible Board-wide with our input, support, and coorperation at all levels.


  • Feb 27th OECTA day re presentations on justice
  • March 2009 DR Experience
  • May 12, 2009 Walk Against Male Violence
  • Board-wide overnight of justice minded students in May
  • Camp Micah: Leadershi9p for Peace and Justice, hopefully for 5 participants from each school, with Board financial support
  • E4J blog/website.

As always, feel welcome to bring , or send, new people.

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Millenium Goals Website: Calob Gingrich

Posted by e4jwaterloo on December 9, 2008

Website developed by systems design engineering student Calob Gingrich. Ideas, posters available through Calob or Dennis.

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Posted by e4jwaterloo on December 7, 2008

JAN 8, FEB 5, MAR 5,  APR 2,  MAY 7 ,  JUNE 4

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Posted by e4jwaterloo on December 7, 2008

Invite and meet consistently, not worrying about numbers.  You want people who want to be there. Use whatever resources are available in your school to get information out. Small projects that can involve your group and help spread awareness.  More time needed to discuss.

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Posted by e4jwaterloo on December 7, 2008

BOARD-WIDE PROFESSIONAL DAY ANNOUNCEMENTS:  OECTA  is interested in any social justice movies or justice-focussed workshops for the Feb 27th PD day.  This is an excellent opportunity to help fellow teachers become more aware of justice issues.

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